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Can one prayer save your soul?


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  • Event posted: April 28, 2011
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

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Can one prayer save your soul? This prayer has many forms, but you will find it all around.  First you get down on your knees, next you admit you are a sinner and finally you ask Jesus to come into your heart. This prayer is supposed to produce salvation. An individual might you lead you in this prayer, you might be led into it by an Altar call or by listening to a televangelist. This prayer is also used as a litmus test. “When was the hour you were saved?” is a question that some traditions will ask and they may well be referring to this prayer. Here come the questions: is this prayer salvific? What does it do to people? What kind of God does it imagine? What does it think of Jesus, or you and what kind of role does it create for the church? What does this prayer accomplish? And more personally: have you done this prayer? Others in your family? How do you feel about it? This and a million other questions that will never be fully answered are up for discussion at Theology on Tap, Thursday of each week at Henry’s bar (upstairs) 5:30-7. Hope to see you there- Josh


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