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Uh Huh Her // L.A. http://www.uhhuhher.com/

When everything breaks down around you, how do you rebuild and start again? How do you inspire trust and regain confidence in something you never fully understood? When you finally have the chance to speak again, what do you say? Before they set out to write their second album NOCTURES due out this spring, these were the questions that faced UH HUH HER’s LEISHA HAILEY and CAMILA GREY. Not by choice, but by necessity.

Where most new bands play their first gig in front of a handful of people, HAILEY and GREY debuted to a packed house of industry heads, critics and fans, many of whom might have been more familiar with HAILEY’s character “Alice” on The L Word than they were with her role in '90s indie duo The Murmurs. For GREY, it was her first group project since a tenure with the lo-fi indie outfit Mellowdrone. There was no shortage of hype, and even though their backing band consisted of one iPod, they delivered the goods in spades. Expectations mounted, and one year after releasing their self-produced EP, I See Red, they released their full-length. Co-produced by GREY and Al Clay (Pixies, Blur), Common Reaction was a full serving of new wave electro-pop that broke with the anthemic single "Not A Love Song." But just as their momentum was building, a split with their label detached the band from all their support and management.

Diamonds Under Fire // L.A. http://www.diamondsunderfire.com/

Rock outfit Diamonds Under Fire is the musical heart of singer/songwriter Vanessa Silberman.

Taking major influences from 90's alternative groups, Diamonds Under Fire leads the way from where the few female fronted rock groups left off. Her surefire performance is akin to the confidence & spirit of Chrissie Hynde, the rawness of PJ Harvey, the bare bones rock 'n roll of Nirvana and the pop production sensibilities of Pink. Songs such as the anxious bitter sweetness of "Binge Thinking" and "Reverie" showcase Vanessa with a heavy heart. Like Dashboard Confessional, she does it without wearing it on her sleeve while adding a hearty dose of enthusiasm and the intensity of her heroes in Silverchair.


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