Messiah in the Passover Demonstration


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Messiah in the Passover, a vivid and exciting demonstration showing how Jesus fulfilled the ancient feast of Passover, will be held at 6:30 pm on Monday, April 11, 2011 at Lawrence Presbyterian Manor.

This traditional ceremony will be conducted by Tony Savarese. Chosen People Ministries is an over one hundred-year-old mission that was founded in 1894 by Leopold Cohn, a Hungarian rabbi who came to believe that Jesus is the Messiah promised by the Hebrew Scriptures. From humble beginnings in Brooklyn, New York, Chosen People Ministries has grown into a worldwide ministry to “the Jew first and to the Gentile.”

Messiah in the Passover begins with the traditional Passover Seder table-complete with all the articles of this important Jewish celebration. The speaker will explain the symbolic meanings of the various items of the Passover feast and highlight their relationship to the Last Supper that Messiah celebrated with the disciples, giving special emphasis on the redemptive significance of the crucifixion.

The Christian community gains insight into Jewish traditions so that the Jewish roots of Christianity can be better understood. This program also helps the Jewish and Christian communities understand their common heritage.

This demonstration is open to the public and Lawrence Presbyterian Manor would like to invite the Christian as well as the Jewish community to attend. The Manor is located at 1429 Kasold Drive. Seating is limited so please call the Manor’s Chaplain, Dorothy Scholtz, at 785-841-4262, Ext. 3346 to make your reservation or for more information.


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