Afrocentric with DJ Alan Paul / Tree Thugg / Dan Matic


  • Categories: Dance
  • Event posted: April 1, 2011
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

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Featuring the musical stylings of...

DJ Alan Paul TreeThugg Dan Matic

DJ Alan Paul // L-Town // Cicada Rhythm

You all know who he is or at least you should, if you haven't yet had the privilege to witness one of his fabled DJ sessions then this is your chance to let your mind and body be seduced by the smoothest operator in your area. He will treat you to the most exquisite beats, rhythms, vocals and melodies from his eclectic palette of audio delicacies. His appearances may be all too rare so don't miss this opportunity to see the legendary local mixing guru emerge once again and turn you out!

TreeThugg // All Neighborhood // NOMADDTHUGGS

From his historic drum n' bass mixing days as DJ PMS to his house music production as KC Jackson, he has always remained ahead of the game. Traversing many a rugged sonic terrain and surfing on the most mind melting cosmic waveforms, TreeThugg comes to you from beyond the beyond to bring a new paradigm.... behold the unleashing of Thugstep! and try not to get lost in the extra-terrestrial subliminal musings embedded in the audio code...good luck! ;;;)

Dan Matic // KC, MO // FOOTCLAN

We welcome this connoisseur of beats and bass from the nitty gritty into our midst and look forward to his unique brand of home-cooked experimental and experiential hip-hop beats and the mind expansion and body propulsion that will ensue. He may be new to you but those in the know will surely abandon the woodwork to be present as this prodigy of dance-floor decimating sub-level frequencies is brought to a system near you.


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