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  • Event posted: Oct. 14, 2010
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Paul Goldman is an ecstatic poet, performance artist and founder of The Rime Buddhist Center Gratitude Open Mic Night in Kansas City, Mo. Paul has just released a new book of ecstatic poetry, "Wild Joy: Ruminations." Vern Barnet, “Faiths and Beliefs” columnist for The Kansas City Star had this to say about the book: 
 “[Written] with the freshness of an adolescent’s first love and with the maturity of wisdom in declaring that ‘the bringer of joy unbounded brings deep sorrow,’ these ‘chanted words connect like a string of rosary beads,’ to ‘reveal a new human, Homo Luminous.’ The wild, holy energy within this book can burst forth only from a ‘man who has lost himself in love,’ such as Rumi and other seers, whose poetry this volume now joins.”

Paul’s CD, "Wild Joy Released" (spoken Word by Paul Goldman & Sacred Musical Accompaniment by Tom Jacobs) was released earlier this year. Mark Scheel, author of the award-winning collection, “A Backward View”, said the CD is “…a tsunami of the soul is sweeping over humankind, and Paul Goldman, with his Sufistic voice is there, fully in the vanguard, helping to define and shape its Divine message of love, healing and joy.” (Excerpted from Evolving “A Guide for Conscious Living” April 2010 Volume III Issue 2.)

Paul Goldman states that his poetic mission is to foster an awakening to one’s own divinity and a reckoning of self-love in all who read or listen to these ecstatic words of Wild Joy!


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