Cowboy Indian Bear / The Noise FM joint CD release show

with Ghosty / Muscle Worship

Event details

Check out our video-style previews of this joint CD release show with Cowboy Indian Bear and The Noise FM.

Lawrence's Cowboy Indian Bear composes deft and brainy indie pop with party-down beats and lots of melodic left turns. Points of reference include Death Cab and Architecture in Helsinki, but members Marty Hillard, C.J. Calhoun, and Beau Bruns are digging deep into the well to come up with something fresh. Stream the new album here.

The Noise FM's 2008 debut was rife with cool guitar tones to complement Alex Ward’s flighty riffs, and it jumped out of the speakers like a funny car at a VW bug rally. We haven't been privy to their new release yet, but odds are it's deliciously awesome.

Ghosty is rarely in an opening slot — a testament to the rarity of this show. The band's latest release, "Answers," is loaded with the irresistible hooks and vocal harmonies that have always been the hallmark of this Lawrence/KC indie pop combo. "Answers" is arguably their best album yet, from the songwriting to sound quality and Andrew Connor's lyrics-ruminations on the notion of place and how it differs from person to person.

Muscle Worship is the new project of Sean Bergman (guitar), Billy Ning (bass) and Nathan Wilder (drums). They play mathy, semi-heavy stuff—the same vein as Fugazi, Dismemberment Plan or Polvo. Bergman and Ning formerly played in Proudentall together and Wilder divides his time drumming between Muscle Worship and Ad Astra Arkestra. Check out Muscle Worship live on the Turnpike.


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