Charlie Parr (early all-ages patio show)

with Maw / Brody Buster Band

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When it comes to the Delta blues, it's easy to get lost in a retroist mindset that overwhelms the immediate power of blues music in the present. Minneapolis-based songster Charlie Parr could well have been plucked out of a Harry Smith Anthology, but his songs are his own. He accompanies himself with National resonator guitars, 12-string guitars and gut-string banjos, informed by the stylings of influential pickers like Rev. Gary Davis and Dave Van Ronk.

Judging by their song content, you wouldn’t want to let the women of Maw anywhere near your kids, husbands or liquor cabinet. The local old-timey quintet sings about drug abuse, adultery, murder, hoboing, opium-smoking, Sterno-drinking, sticking their fingers in babies’ eyes, and other unsavory things. Some of the members hardly knew more than three chords when they started the band three years ago, but they’ve developed into a slick-pickin’ quintet in the tradition of the Carter Family. Check out our podcast preview of their latest album.

It's been more than a decade since Brody Buster was anointed a harmonica prodigy and dished props from the likes of B.B. King and Jay Leno. Now that he's done grown up, Buster is a decidedly different personality — one who favors rock and roll as much as the blues. His band featuring bassist Chris Handley and drummer Tommy Dimmel gigs relentlessly, loosening up crowds with fiery originals and a deep list of covers. Be sure to check out our podcast interview with Brody.


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