The Appleseed Cast plays “Low Level Owl”

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Check out our most recent podcast interview with The Appleseed Cast from Mar. 2, 2009.

From the promoter: Lawrence's The Appleseed Cast embarks a 26-date tour playing their two classic albums Low Level Owl 1 and 2 back-to-back, each in its entirety.

The Appleseed Cast’s sprawling two-disc masterpiece Low Level Owl 1 and 2 released in 2001 found a band shedding its restraints, bucking genre qualifiers and offering up something newly experimental, truly unique and utterly epic. There was little in the band’s spiky and emotional 1998 debut The End of the Ring Wars to indicate what was to come, and just barely a whiff of the ambient soundscapes, and seemingly insurmountable slow-building waves of sound-that-would-be on its 2000 follow-up Mare Vitalis. But since that discernible shift in mood and scope, The Appleseed Cast has continued to nurture and cultivate what was planted back in 2001 with each of their three subsequent releases - Two Conversations, Peregrine and Sagarmatha.

Through the years, The Appleseed Cast has shape-shifted itself as slowly and naturally as a sand dune to become one of the most staid and sonically rewarding bands on the circuit today, an achievement that has earned them throngs of fans the world over. But certainly, the band who have drawn deserved comparisons to such stalwarts as Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Spiritualized and Radiohead, began their ever-unpredictable journey into the musical wilds with the astounding wailing crescendos, heartbreaking murmuring guitar tones and gentle ambient rustlings of Low Level Owl, which will continue to stand as one of the cornerstones of the genre, acting as foundation for all the bricks that follow.

The band recently signed to the Chicago independent label Graveface Records, home to Black Moth Super Rainbow and Monster Movie, and many more. They will have a new live album available for sale on this tour, their first for the imprint Graveface.


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