Wayne “The Train” Hancock (early all-ages)

with the Brody Buster Band

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Short of Hank III, it's hard to find a country singer who sounds more like Hank Williams than Wayne "The Train" Hancock. The Bloodshot Records artist plays "Juke Joint Swing" in the proud tradition of Hank, Carl Perkins, and Bob Wills -- and damn if he ain't the best modern interpreter around. An entertainer in the old-time sense of the word, Hancock and his three-piece backing band spend most of their lives on the road, blazing a trail that neatly skirts the modern country-music machine. As Hancock puts it: "Man, I'm like a stab wound in the fabric of country music in Nashville. See that bloodstain slowly spreading? That's me." Says Hank III: "Wayne Hancock has more Hank Sr. in him than either I or HankWilliams Jr. He is the real deal."


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