Bump & Hustle with The Pushermen


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Bump & Hustle is back! The finest boogie, funk, soul and hip-hop courtesy of The Pushermen will be on tap, and all members will be in the house. That means Spence, Godzilla & The Unknown Souldier!

To give you a taste of what's to come, we've put together this mix for you to bump until the night comes. Click the link to listen and download: Sample mix


  1. Lonnie Liston Smith - "Give Peace a Chance"
  2. Oddisee - "Once Again" ft. Freddie the Foxx & Kev Brown
  3. Wu Tang Clan - "CREAM"
  4. Grand Puba - "Lick Shot"
  5. The Emotions - "Blind Alley"
  6. The Natural Four - "Try Love Again"
  7. Madlib - "Two Timer (The Pimp)"
  8. The Joneses - "Name of the Game (Pt. 1)"
  9. Flame N King and the Bold Ones - "Ho Happy Day"
  10. Juice - "Feels Like Good Music"
  11. Jodi Gales - "You Gotta Push"
  12. Willie Hutch - "Get Ready for the Get Down"
  13. Evelyn King - "Smooth Talk"
  14. Brick - "Dazz"
  15. Ice Cube - "No Vaseline"
  16. Yarbrough & Peoples - "Don't Stop the Music"


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