Ben Miller Band / Paul Benjamin Band / Cletus Got Shot


  • Categories: Blues, Country, Rock
  • Event posted: Dec. 18, 2009
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

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Check out our full preview of the show, featuring an interview with Ben Miller.

Ben Miller’s melting-pot take on “homespun, homemade people music” begins with Charlie Patton and Bukka White and runs all the way though Nirvana and Beck. He’s been known to pull “Heart Shaped Box” out of his back pocket when the occasion strikes, though his version is built on minor-key Appalachian banjo frailing. There are no set lists when Miller rolls through town with his band mates Doug Dicharry (on drums, washboard, and trombone) and Scott Leeper (on washtub bass) - but you can count on a whoopin' good time.

Meet The Ben Miller Band

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