Joe College Jamfest: Benefit Show All Proceeds go to Keep Joe College T-Shirt Store Open

featuring Sobriquet / Rusty Scott / Holy Mountain / The Sultan Sea / Auburn Skies / Black Oxygen / thePhantom*


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The Joe-College Jamfest is a concert benefiting through a pooling of local talent from the Lawrence and Kansas City communities. The show aims to generate positive hype for Joe-College in light of recent legal battles, and raise funds to help keep the t-shirt store open.

Featuring: Sobriquet Rusty Scott Holy Mountain The Sultan Sea Auburn Skies Black Oxygen thePhantom*


kujayman1 8 years, 1 month ago

kujayman1 (Anonymous) says…

What? This degrades Lawrence. There are 150,000 plus people dead in Haiti and hundreds of thousands of people- including kids- homeless, without food and water, wandering the streets, Neighborhood Schools like Cordley and New York are facing possible closure, social services across Lawrence are in peril and the food banks are in need of donations–- and people are seriously calling for donations to Larry Sinks and his silly t-shirt store? What has he done for Lawrence, other than sell shirts? Does anyone know? Is he even a decent person or a jerk? Pleeease. Let's get our priorities straight! A penny for Sinks would go a long way for a starviung kid in Haiti… or a hungry kid in Lawrence!!!

kujayman1 (Anonymous) says…

If I'm reading it correctly, the beneficiary of this 'fund raiser' has about $700,000 worth of property right here in Lawrence. Take a look at it yourself; maybe I'm wrong:

kujayman1 (Anonymous) says…

Fundraiser? From… “…He (Sinks) built his first company, Midwest Graphics, into a multi million dollar-a-year company. The company printed shirts for small colleges, local bars, restaurants, companies — anybody who wanted shirts… After almost 15 years, Sinks sold Midwest Graphics in 1996…” Wow. kujayman1 (Anonymous) says…

With friends like those he 'name dropped' below, he outta be ashamed for passing the hat to Lawrence folks, at the expense of Haiti and our own needs here!

Excerpts below are from:

“He’s (Sinks) partied with Kid Rock. He’s sipped on Miller Lites with him.

Listen to Sinks talk long enough, and the name dropping begins. He laughs when people call him out for casually dropping, say, Muhammad Ali into a conversation about T-shirts. He doesn’t do it on purpose, he says.

And yes, Sinks visited the White House, and yes, he’s met Bill Clinton. But he doesn’t want his famous friends to define him, he says.

“I met Derrick Thomas,” he says calmly. “And Derrick Thomas introduced me to Hank Williams Jr. And Hank Williams Jr. introduced me to Kid Rock.”

So many adventures. A dinner with Schaap and Ali in Orlando on Super Bowl weekend. A chance encounter with actor Tommy Davidson on the streets of Washington, D.C. Sinks fiddles with his phone. He’s just received a text from former NASCAR driver and Indy Car driver Larry Foyt, one of his many friends in the racing world.

Sasha Kaun, a center on Kansas’ 2008 NCAA Championship team, was coming over to watch the NBA Draft. Sinks, Kaun and a group of Kaun’s friends watched as five Jayhawks were drafted. Kaun would be taken in the second round by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“Actually Sasha left about 20 minutes before he was drafted,”

Sinks says he’s been a supporter of KU sports for more than 25 years. He had a great relationship with former basketball coach, Larry Brown, he says.”

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