2010 Dance Odyssey” with Cloud Dog and Chants

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The setup for a Cloud Dog show typically consists of a giant bass drum, some floor toms, cymbals, samplers, keyboards, and assorted percussion devices. Ringleader Jim Dandy and accomplices including Brett Grady and Curt Yazza – often shirtless and smeared in body paint – stir up a tribal ruckus straight from another dimension. The group is a kindred spirit to freaked-out experimental acts like Dan Deacon, Animal Collective, and F*ck Buttons, building songs out of jarring sample juxtapositions and loopy beats. The insanity is held together by addictive rhythms that invite dancing and/or beating on the nearest non-living thing (or living, if he/she is into that sort of thing). Bring a drum and some war paint and you can hop onstage and get in on the action — there are no boundaries at a Cloud Dog show.

Check out our podcast interview with the Cloud Doggers.


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