Mountain Sprout / Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Company / Tin Horn Molly


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From the heart of the Arkansas Ozarks comes Mountain Sprout, a band of proud boogans who ain't afraid to sing about the spliff smokin', government hatin', stripper screwin' life they lead. Fortunately, they can all play the crud out of their beat-up instruments and sing church-caliber harmonies, so dress in your best Sunday overalls.

Like many country music aficionados, Adam Lee came to the genre after a youth in punk rock. After growing up in Virginia, Lee drifted to Arizona and started a band called The Bible Belt with multi-instrumentalist Johnny Kay. The duo relocated to Kansas City a couple years back, founding a partnership called Adam Lee and the Dead Horse Sound Company (the latter being the name for Kay’s record-producing alias). Check out our podcast preview of the band's new album.


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