Chris Theis on “The Carbon Neutral Design Project”


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Unknowingly, the architecture and building community is responsible for almost half of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions annually; globally the percentage is even higher. Chris Theis, professor of architecture at Louisiana State University, will speak about a recent initiative of the Society of Building Science Educators, the Carbon Neutral Design Project, which is intended to create and disseminate the resources and tools needed to integrate carbon neutral and zero-energy design into professional architecture programs

This project is a direct response to the 2010 Imperative (a call for architectural educators to address carbon neutral design and fossil fuel reduction in the design studio, to improve ecological literacy for design students, and to integrate related issues in the design and operations of university facilities and campuses) as well as the Architecture 2030 Challenge (the realization of carbon neutral architecture by the year 2030).

Sponsored by KU School of Architecture, Design & Planning

Friday, Feb. 26 / 11:30 AM / SMA Auditorium


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