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  • Event posted: Aug. 8, 2010
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Book discussion and signing with Susan Zuber-Chall, author of “Sex, Sinners, & Hippies.”

The book, “Sex, Sinners, and Hippies” recaptures that time in our history when young people across the country sought to promote, change, and rediscover the American spirit of revolution. Along the way many fell prey to the idea of free sex and drugs, however there were some who moved on to embrace the idyllic model promoted by Walden of a different life; one that took them back to the basics of living while helping them discover strengths they never knew they had, and teaching them how to laugh, love, and survive against the elements of existence.

“Sex, Sinners, and Hippies” is a journey into that lifestyle and what it entailed. This book weaves a story that begins with one woman’s conflicted middle class upbringing transforming to the idea of becoming a hippie and finally to the realization of that way of life. Enlivened with stories of various encounters on the road and accounts of real-life characters that lived in the town of Ward, Colorado, a tiny old former mining camp founded in the 1870’s situated at 9,450 feet above sea level in the Rocky Mountains. Living a pioneer existence — heating with wood and coal, no bathroom, and seldom running water — she learns how to survive and later thrive as she raises five children and lives alongside other people expressing the same credos of independence and freedom from the constraints of modern society.

This compelling story will take you on a journey of discovery. Follow Susan as she moves from a privileged middle class background to being a battered wife and single mother who moves on to LSD and marijuana and finally finds herself in the mountains eking out an existence against the weather and poverty. Told with warmth and humor, she laughs at herself and her escapades while documenting an important time in our recent past.

Following Susan’s time as a hippie, she became a housewife, small business owner, and lived a fairly ordinary life for 8 years. Then she wrote a book about women and their images titled “The Aquarian Goddess.” Afterward she divorced her husband, moved to Kansas and went to college, earning first a BA in Anthropology, then a MA and finally a PhD in Library and Information Sciences all the while working at the university library, teaching classes, and writing freelance for various publications. Today Susan teaches at the local university in the Anthropology/Sociology Department and writes. She does book reviews for Choice Magazine, is commissioner on the Human Relations Commission for the city of Topeka, and serves on various boards and committees. Her interests are diversity, issues concerning women and minorities, interfaith issues, astrology, and ecology. She is an avid walker and walks 2-3 miles every day with her dog and husband no matter what the weather, she loves to hike, fish, and do yoga.


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