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Minneapolis rocker Mark Mallman exhibits a propensity for sociopathic lyrical punditry and swaggering piano rock boosted by high leg kicks and suggestive keyboard straddling. Mallman's new album "Invincible Criminal" is every bit as epic as his previous releases with its gigantic choruses and go-for-broke guitar solos. Only Andrew WK can outdo his nonstop energy, but Mallman has the upper hand when it comes to writing memorable songs.

Kansas City trio Antennas Up channels the fun, electronically laced funk of acts like Jamiroquai and Jamie Lidell. These days they’re pushing the national release of their self-titled debut album (mastered by Bob Power, who has worked with A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, and Common) as well as their upcoming tour. Listen to our podcast with Antennas Up.


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