Stik Figa CD release with Morris Mars / Waterfowl Habitat / Natural Selection

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Charisma and ingenuity have been Stik Figa's ace-in-the-hole since his days battle-rapping in the Topeka High cafeteria. With a no-coast style that's equally enamored with the crescent-fresh mainstream (Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, T.I.) and the booty-shaking fringe (Cool Kids, Santogold), Figa is Southerner by blood and a Midwesterner by choice. His debut EP "The Skinny" is not just bumpin-it's as hilarious as it is biting. Each time you laugh, you might just catch yourself contemplating something deep. As Stik Figa puts it: "I'm very well-rounded for being a square."


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