Super-Nerd Night: Rise of the Geeks”


Event details

From the organizers: Since the beginning of time, bars have offered theme nights catering to special interests of one sort of the other but NEVER have they set aside one night a month to make those of us who love all things geek (video-games, ccgs, anime, cosplay, comics, etc.) feel right at home. UNTIL NOW! The Jackpot Music Hall PROUDLY presents SUPER-NERD NIGHT, brought to you by your two favorite local geek haunts: Astrokitty Comics & Gameguy! For a low cover price, you can gain access to a world of geek-centric drink specials, bar-side old school video-gaming, a Nintendo DS multi-player "lounge," multiple Magic:TG events (a sealed deck event for $20 at 7pm sharp, a booster draft for $10 at 9:30pm), Drink & Draw areas, Street Fighter IV big-screen tourney (starting at 10pm), and all set to a backdrop of anime, cartoons, and chiptunes (DJ Sean Wilson starts at 10pm). Prizes will be awarded for the Magic events, the SF4 tourney, a Drink & Draw theme contest (ending at midnight), and best video-game costume and best comic book costume (all prizes supplied by Astrokitty & Gameguy).


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