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The Sound of Urchin are the most ridiculous band that you'll ever love with all of your heart. Tenacious D and The Ween brothers swear by these guys: four diehard rock-and-roll heads who play every show like they're obligated to be the greatest band on the face of the earth. Drummer and lead singer Tomato 11 performs like a shook-up-soda uncorked, putting Don Henley and Phil Collins to shame with his multitasking skills. Guitarist B. Ill is a shredder on par with any metal-school grad, but he prefers to use his powers to unleash tasty Cars-meets-TMBG riffs. To put it simply: your $2 could not possibly find a better home.

Sound of Urchin on CBS Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson

The Sound of Urchin | MySpace Video


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