Split Lip Rayfield / The Palpitaters (all-ages patio show)

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  • Categories: Bluegrass, Country
  • Event posted: Sept. 28, 2009
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

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Split Lip Rayfield started taking shape about the time Bill Clinton was getting situated in the oval office. Neither Eric Mardis, Wayne Gottstine, nor Jeff Eaton figured they'd still be going this many years later, nor did they figure they'd have to persevere through something as difficult as losing their friend and collaborator Kirk Rundstrom to cancer. That tragedy nearly derailed the band, but the trio has been picking up steam and new fans ever since returning to the stage. The group's fifth studio album "I'll Be Around" is its first collection of new material since 2004's "Should Have Seen It Coming." It's vintage Split Lip: blazing-fast banjo and mandolin licks balanced by high-lonesome ballads and a healthy sense of humor.

Listen to our podcast preview of SLR's latest album.


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