Global Warming – Yes or No? Natural or Human-Caused?

A lecture by Dr. Charles Perry sponsored by University of Kansas Chemistry Club


Event details

Undergraduates of the University of Kansas Chemistry Club are holding a free lecture by Charles Perry, Ph.D., a geologist at the United States Geological Survey (USGS). He will speak on studies that attempt to correlate sunspots and global warming and cooling cycles, a topic that he believes deserves the attention of scientists, engineers, environmental policymakers, and the public at large. Presenting a talk entitled “Global Warming – Yes or No? Natural or Human-Caused?,” Dr. Perry is no stranger to controversy. He holds to an environmentally green philosophy, but his proposed climate change model questions the central role many climatologists place on quantities of carbon dioxide produced by industrialized societies. Proponents and skeptics of existing environmental climate change models are invited to attend. The talk is free and no registration is required.


Darin Wade 4 years, 5 months ago

another mythical-idealogical Plato-effect phi lows failure, Sun spots and global warming is a coming threat that may happen but it would be a galactic and stellar confusion of the heavens natural order, a shadow cast of Orange hue in our heavens would be the signs of global warming and downward pull called sun spots.


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