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Don't bother Googling the band Exercise—you won't find anything about them until page 50 or so. They're still small fries on the national scene, buried beneath a bunch of jock-jam CDs and ab rollers. Maybe that'll change now that the St. Louis band has a proper record under its gym belt, chock full of challenging post-rock jams that are characterized by aerobic musicianship and limber beats. Fans of bands like Animal Collective and Xiu Xiu will be motivated to perform extreme chin-ups, or at least run some sprints.

Emerging from the rooftops of Chicago in 2007, Netherfriends are a self-described "bastard-psych-pop" band. Their debut 7-inch "Feathers and Dots" fuses heavily layered arrangements with group sing-a-longs, melodicas, glockenspiels, and other hard-to-place (but familiar) sounds.


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