The Old Black

with Across Tundras / Admiral Browning / Dirty Stomp / Hector The Selector

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The Old Black is a no-BS rock band that digs on Black Sabbath, The Misfits, Judas Priest and other bands that would never appear on "The OC." The group has been playing a ton of shows and cooking up a debut album to showcase its seismic riffs and mirror-rattling chugs. Check out our Turnpike episode with the band for a sneak preview of the Blackness to come...

Tour mates Across Tundras and Admiral Browning share The Old Black's love of sonic sludge, stirring up stoner-metal sounds with downtuned guitars and thundering drums. Across Tundras mixes in doses of Crazy Horse's rustic Americana, while Admiral Browning plays it strictly instrumental.


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