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From the promoter: Andrew Kenny is a native Texan who after nearly six years in Brooklyn, NY has returned to beautiful Austin, TX. He's best known as the singer/songwriter behind mellow indie favorites the American Analog Set. However, he's also performed as a guest artist with the Album Leaf, Her Space Holiday, Styrofoam, Ola Podrida, Arthur & Yu, and most recently the Broken Social Scene.

His latest project is called the Wooden Birds and is his best effort to date. The Wooden Birds' first album, Magnolia, is now out on Barsuk Records in the US & Canada and on Morr Music in Europe. Fans of the the AmAnSet will recognize his voice and song writing immediately, but the arrangements on Magnolia are more vocal and percussion heavy than anything he's done before.

The Wooden Birds also includes Ola Podrida songwriter and David Gordon Green film score composer, David Wingo, along with co-producer, Chris Michaels, and vocalist, guitarist, and AmAnSet guest artist, Leslie Sisson. Drummer, Sean Haskins, and percussionist, Jody Suarez, round out the live line-up.

Answers to other Andrew Kenny FAQ's include: Aries, briefs, Pacifico, a scientist, and weird teeth.


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