Think 2wice Soundsystem presents “I’m Goin’ Stag, Bro!”

feat. Iggy Baby and Brent Tactic

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Iggy Baby fully embraces the nu-club culture, but he’s not blind to the merits of the old school. His DJ sets on Thursdays at NEON and his Get Crunk! sets are just as likely to feature Aaliyah and New Order as fresh underground cuts, laying down a hip-yet-accessible beat for the (un)cool kids to groove to. As his alter-ego Norrit, Iggy also produces his own rumpshaking juke joints and remixes. Peep our shiny new podcast interview with Iggy. Tonight, Iggy tag-teams it with Tactic's Brent Lippincott, playing everything from disco to re-edits to house and back.


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