Inauguration Bash

with The Dactyls / The Noise FM / Andrew Morgan / Hidden Pictures

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Celebrate the "end of an error" with replays of Obama's speech and performances from Lawrence's The Dactyls, The Noise FM, Andrew Morgan and Hidden Pictures.Channeling the glory days of early-'90s guitar rock, The Dactyls employ alternate tunings and inverted phrasings to create densely textured, off-kilter indie rock songs. The group recently released a 7-inch called "A Widow Knows" and aims to unveil more sonic awesomeness in 2009.The Noise FM's 2008 release "Dream of the Attack" was rife with cool guitar tones to complement Alex Ward’s flighty riffs, and it jumps out of the speakers like a funny car at a Volkswagen bug rally. Standout tracks include “Circles” and “Simple Simon,” although the whole album retains its potency for nine indefatigable songs.Andrew Morgan spent 2008 wrapping up a slew of EPs and a second full-length album that made #3 on our Best of 2008. His records are fantastical experiences that create their own little imaginative universes like Jean-Pierre Jeunet or Michel Gondry films. Elaborately arranged chamber music and whispery vocals collide with the sort of rainy-day pop music that The Zombies or Elliott Smith might conjure. Tonight he'll perform with his new band featuring Jerett Fulton (drums), Dash Williamson (bass) and Nate Holt (keys).Hidden Pictures began to take shape when Richard Gintowt and Michelle Sanders started performing as a duo during the last months of 2007. They quickly recorded a nine-song album and assembled a band featuring Brett Resnick on guitar, Tim Brandsted on bass and Pat Tomek on drums. The group has been described as "sunshiny indie-folk," but you can probably make up your own mind about such things.


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