The Woes / Pseudo Slang / The Kansas City Bear Fighters / Miss Conception

"Slamdance: Underground Film vs. Underground Music"

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The Slamdance Film Festival is known as the "by filmmakers for filmmakers" event that takes place each year in Utah opposite the Sundance Film Festival. Known for helping break hit indie films like "Napoleon Dynamite," Slamdance is branching out into independent music promotion with its inaugural "Underground Film vs. Underground Music" tour. In addition to screening a selection of Slamdance short films, tonight's tour will feature performances by two touring bands and The Kansas City Bear Fighters.The music of New York's The Woes is a stew of Delta blues, early country, bluegrass and New Orleans marching-band music dished out with banjo, harmonica, accordion, french horn and organ. In addition to finishing their first album "That Coke Oven March," the band is also working on a film score for "Spirit of '79," a documentary about the American agricultural movement.The Kansas City Bear Fighters used to be The Denver Broncos, but their legal department didn't have the resources to mount a cease-and-desist defense against a pro football team. Employing ukulele, mandolin, acoustic guitar, upright bass and strategically selected Hawaiian shirts, the group's gleeful sound recalls Tiny Tim or Jimmy Buffett after a helium-sucking contest.Pseudo Slang is a chillaxed hip-hop act from Chicago that signed with Fat Beats Records in 2005. Taking inspiration from rappers like Rakim and Common as well as jazz cats like Thelonious Monk and Lee Morgan, the group is wrapping up its debut album "We'll Keep Looking" with contributions from Vinia Mojica, Grap Luva, DJ Cutler, DJ Tommee, Third and more.Movies at 10 / Music at 11


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