Ghosty / Andrew Morgan

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Ghosty's latest release, "Answers," is loaded with the irresistible pop hooks and vocal harmonies that have always been the hallmark of the Lawrence band. "Answers" is arguably their best album yet, from the songwriting to sound quality and Andrew Connor's lyrics-ruminations on the notion of place and how it differs from person to person.Andrew Morgan spent 2008 wrapping up a slew of EPs and a second full-length album that made #3 on our Best of 2008. His records are fantastical experiences that create their own little imaginative universes like Jean-Pierre Jeunet or Michel Gondry films. Elaborately arranged chamber music and whispery vocals collide with the sort of rainy-day pop music that The Zombies or Elliott Smith might conjure. Tonight he'll perform with his new band featuring Jerett Fulton (drums), Dash Williamson (bass) and Nate Holt (keys).


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