Black Christmas / Hospital Ships

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Black Christmas guitarist Mark Sanders is moving to Chicago, so the gang is sending him off in style with tonight's show (likely to be the group's last for awhile). Taking inspiration from spooky soundtrack masters like Ennio Morricone and Angelo Badalamenti as well as prog-rockers like Yes and King Crimson, Lawrence's Black Christmas builds layer upon layer of instrumental tension with spacey guitar effects, ethereal keys and pounding drums. Tonight the group celebrates the release of its first long-player "By Way of Decay." Listen to our podcast preview of the new album.It’s hard to imagine any Minus Story fan being disappointed by Jordan Geiger’s debut album as Hospital Ships. An intensely personal album with a folk-pop bent, "Oh, Ramona" charms up solo acoustic numbers with trumpets, pump organs, rickety old pianos and all kinds of neat-o recording tricks. Listen to our our podcast preview of the album.


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