Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies / Deadman Flats / Old Country Death Band

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Bob Wayne and his Outlaw Carnies are a revolving crew of entertainers from Seattle, but they sound more like a band from the god-forsaken parts of west Texas. The group's outlaw country and twang-grass style references trucks, guns and other things that Ted Nuget wouldn't leave home without. Wayne is currently embarking on a huge tour that includes dates with Wayne Hancock. If Lawrence's Outlaw Jake shows his face tonight, expect a shootout.

Guns, whiskey, and bluegrass: three things that are seriously missing in most of the modern crap called mainstream music. That's about where Lawrence's Deadman Flats comes in. With songs about fast trucks, loose women, PBR, LSD, and other lewd behavior, this is one band that proudly claims to be "getting nowhere slowly." With the completion of their first album "Antlers," you may even catch Deadman Flats at your town's best bars, grain silos, city parks, or whatever weird show they got planned next.


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