William Elliott Whitmore / ft (the Shadow Government) / T. Wehrle

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Note: To those who religiously watch KU games at the Jackpot, the door charge will apply at 9 p.m., likely before tonight's 8 p.m. KU game is over.

William Elliott Whitmore splits the difference between Tom Waits and Son House with his gruff voice and old-timey tunes. Whitmore's songs harken back to the days of the steam-powered engine and butter churner, set to the tune of folk/blues guitar and clawhammer banjo. Dude also tours like a madman, visiting Lawrence 3-4 times a year. Whitmore's ANTI-Records debut "Animals in the Dark" finds his focus turned outward to the state of the country and the missteps of the government. It's no surprise, then, that he's earned the respect of punk audiences while touring with bands like Converge and Against Me.Prior this show at the Jackpot, Whitmore will perform a free in-store show at Love Garden.


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