The High Definition Tour with Spark1duh? / DJ Who / Johnny Quest

CANCELED: Count Bass D

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  • Categories: Hip-hop / rap
  • Event posted: Jan. 21, 2009
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

Event details

Note: Count Bass D is stuck on the road and likely will not make it to Lawrence in time for this show. Meet your new headliner...SPARK1DUH? (ST. LOUIS) - CHEMICAL IMBALANCED EMCEE, GHOST WRITER, SAMPLES CONNOISSEUR. GLASS EATER.Lawrence’s reputation as a transient music community overlooks the dedication of dudes like Johnny Quest. The 29-year-old DJ, producer and emcee has been a vital cog in the local hip-hop machine since he was old enough to get X’s on his hands. He’s hosted KJHK Wax Clashes – somewhat famously and drunkenly—and freestyled his way to victory at emcee battles. As a producer, he’s worked with mic rippers like Approach, ID, Reach and Joe Good and left his indelible analog smoke all over their tracks.


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