Jayrock 2009 with The Republic Tigers and Ultimate Fakebook

Benefit for Jaydoc Free Clinic

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  • Categories: Pop, Rock
  • Event posted: Jan. 27, 2009
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

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The show is a benefit for the JayDoc free clinic, where licensed volunteer physicians supervise University of Kansas School of Medicine students who provide care to the area’s under-served populations. The clinic operates on a volunteer basis, with supplies and medicines purchased through grants and donations.

Hate if you wanna, but The Republic Tigers are still the best band in Kansas City. With the excitement of that whole “we have a lot of fountains” thing quickly rubbing off, it’s high time our sister city put that Puddle of Mudd thing to rest. Enter the Tigers: a brilliant and strikingly individualistic band that offers a beacon of hope to all Midwestern music-makers who don’t yarl. The quintet’s “orange and black attack” is a patently catchy exercise in man-vs.-machine principles: strummy guitars crashing against glitchy beats and swooning melodies. Never mind that one review that compared the Tigers to Enya; Coldplay or Keane would be far more apropos.

Tonight's Ultimate Fakebook show will be a lot like the band's hundreds of other shows over the last decade -- KISS-worthy showmanship, overdriven power pop hooks and three dudes bashing it out like their lives depended on it -- with one very significant exception: it's their second in nearly five years (they played a one-off Record Bar show in December). After three albums, a short-lived major label deal and years of touring, the Manhattan-born, Lawrence-relocated band called it quits in 2004. This show offers one last opportunity to see them perform together for a good cause. Real drums forever!From UFB: "If you want to buy tickets for this show, but want to avoid the nasty Ticketmaster charges, you can get tickets through the charity. JayDoc is selling them for $15 (no extra charges). Email is lwineland@kumc.edu. Spread the word. This way all the money goes directly to funding the Free Clinic, rather than having Ticketmaster take a big chunk."


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