The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial”

starring Ed Asner


  • Categories: Theater
  • Event posted: Jan. 6, 2009
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

Event details

Entirely based on original court transcripts, L.A. Theatre Works’ The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial uses the format of live in-performance radio theatre, recreated by a renowned cast of actors.The performance dramatizes the famous 1925 Tennessee v. John Scopes “Monkey Trial,” which challenged the Butler Act ban on teaching evolution in public schools across the state and was the first trial to be broadcast on the radio.Featuring actors of outstanding caliber, the cast transports the audience back to the crowded, stifling and intense courtroom in Dayton, Tenn., to experience the momentous trial as it happened.Resembling a live radio-theatre recording session, the performance uses a sparse set and the actors read from their scripts. Adult$35/$25Child/KU Student$18/$13


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