Introducing Artocrats,” an art opening


Event details is a new online gallery and meeting space for local artists and art enthusiasts. The community focuses on creative expression, feedback for artists, and print reproduction of original images. Tonight's art opening at Teller's features new works from more than 20 Artocrats, many of whom you probably know via avenues like LOLA and the Fresh Produce Art Collective.

Listen to our podcast interview with the Artocrats creators.

Featured artists include: Aaron Marable Anne Bruce Austin Pullium Ben Dory Dave Lowenstein Erok Johannsen Jason Barr Jeremy Rockwell Jeromy Morris Joel Bogart Jouvelt Justin Marable Mark Landau Rachel Larson Mike Adams Molly Murphy Monica Gundelfinger Ostaf Heller Tanya McNeely Tristan Telander Yuri Zupancic


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