Mountain Sprout / WhiteWater Ramble / Kansas City Bear Fighters

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From the heart of the Arkansas Ozarks comes Mountain Sprout, a band of proud boogans who ain't afraid to sing about the spliff smokin', government hatin', stripper screwin' life they lead. Fortunately, they can all play the crud out of their beat-up instruments and sing church-caliber harmonies, so dress in your best Sunday overalls.

Formed in 2004, WhiteWater Ramble's dance-happy acoustic sound is rooted in a multitude of genres with an instrumental makeup of mandolin, acoustic guitar, fiddle, upright bass, vocals and drums. The Ft. Collins band features former Lawrencian Adam Galblum on the red-hot fiddle. In addition to traditional numbers and originals, the group is known for its unique takes on Michael Jackson, BB King, The Grateful Dead, and more.

The Kansas City Bear Fighters used to be The Denver Broncos, but their legal department didn't have the resources to mount a cease-and-desist defense against a pro football team. Employing ukulele, mandolin, acoustic guitar, upright bass and strategically selected Hawaiian shirts, the group's gleeful sound recalls Tiny Tim or Jimmy Buffett after a helium-sucking contest.


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