Fair Trade through Film! presents three short films


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  • Event posted: Nov. 23, 2009
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

Event details

Lawrence Fair Trade will be showing a series of films about Fair Trade during their annual Fair Trade Holiday Market this year.

“From Bean to Bar” tells the story of how Divine chocolate came to be the first farmer owned brand of chocolate in the world. Follow the cocoa as it transforms from beans into bars of delicious chocolate, and get to know the people behind the magic that make it all happen.

“Beads for Life” is a short introduction to the Beads for Life cooperative. Women from the Slums of Kampala Uganda work their way out of extreme poverty by rolling paper into beads that have been successfully marketed in the U.S. Before this cooperative was formed, virtually the only form of employment was crushing stones in a quarry for less than a dollar a day. Now these women who once lived in devastation are able to buy homes, support their families and even take in orphans. Watch the women celebrate and sing of the monumental empowerment that transpires in Uganda from a small purchase in the U.S.

In “Fair Trade: The Story,” Transfair USA collects the views of producers and retailers of Fair Trade. Through their interviews, we hear how Fair Trade has affected the lives of farmers around the world, and how it has nurtured a deeper understanding of consumer power.


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