Tree of Life” with Turtle Island String Quartet


Event details

"Tree of Life – Origins and Evolution" is the product of a two-year collaborative Creative Campus project, culminating in an exciting evening of music, dance and theatre.The initiative explores the intricacy, challenge and revelation involved in bridging sciences, humanities and performing arts."Tree of Life" features the contributions of several academic departments at KU, the Lied Center and a number of resident and touring artists including the commissioned involvement of two-time Grammy Award-winning David Balakrishnan, founder of the Turtle Island String Quartet.The work will explore a creation story involving the "Tree of Life" that raises and approaches key questions basic to understanding what makes us essentially human: “Why are we here?”, “How can I be an individual of both faith and science?” and “What is truth?”The "Tree of Life" is a biological concept connecting all life through genetic relatedness.Adult$24Child/KU Student$12


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