Miles Bonny / Johnny Quest / Stik Figa / Greg Enemy / Spence

KJHK presents MOVE!

Event details

Listen to our podcast interview with Greg Enemy.

A Night of Hip-Hop, Professional Dancers, and Live Art

From the organizers: Setting it apart from other dance-parties, Move! will feature performances by DJs Miles Bonny and Johnny Quest and MCs Stik Figa, Greg Enemy, and DJ Spence. Two professional dancing squads, the Tigerstyle Crew and the B-Boys from KC, will be on the floor and Delight will provide live painting. This event is open to the public, who must be aching for a night of dancing that doesn’t remind them so much of the formals they attended in middle school. With the walls lined with DJs and musicians and the floor scattered with bodies that know how to move, Move will offer the community the chance to get down for very little money ($5-7). KJHK’s Live Events Director, Rachael Gray (and also the rest of the KJHK staff), is all a-twitter about Move! and its participants. About Miles Bonny, she says “he’s got some tricks up his sleeve.” Indeed, Miles is a renowned record producer, singer, trumpeter, and DJ, who has collaborated with Approach (Al Japro) and iD (The Find). So no matter your dancing abilities or preferences in music, Move! will be an event worth showing up for and worth busting some sweat-beads for.


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