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Billions reunion show

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Show starts at 9 p.m. sharp.

Hey, remember the Billions? If you do, kudos. If not, no harm no foul. The Lawrence-via-Topeka band is reuniting for a show tonight after a three-year absence. They were one of our town's best during their time, churning out quirky and endearing pop-rock albums. Favoring influences like The Flaming Lips, The Postal Service, and Starflyer 59, The Billions boasted a songwriting trifecta of Sam Billen, Dan Billen, and Simon Bates. Each author brought a distinct sound into the mix, though the group's blend of sunny melodies, chiming guitars, and lush keyboards always sounded distinctly Billions-esque. Tonight's show will likely be a one-off occasion, making it a special occasion for all people who still remember the words to "In Japan" and "The Boulevard."


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