The Dole Institute presents: “Neutral Ground”


Event details

This event requires reservations.At a time when rational discourse is at an all time low and bickering obvious for all to see, the Dole Institute will attempt to create a forum for measured and rational debate of the most controversial issues we face.And at a time when cable TV programming consists of screaming talking heads spouting clever one-liners rather than meaningful discussion, we will attempt to raise the bar on political discourse in the US.The Dole Institute will become Neutral Ground, where Americans can gather to listen to compelling intellectual arguments for both side of critical issues.On September 29, at 7:00pm the Dole Institute will present Neutral Ground: All U.S. Combat Forces Should be Withdrawn from Iraq by May, 2010.Neutral Ground will combine debate and courtroom style format. Bill Kurtis will serve as our moderator and we will tape the program as a pilot for a PBS-affiliate program.Neutral Ground will feature two advocates, Pedro Irigonegaray, a prominent attorney from Topeka, and Fred McClure, Washington D.C.-based attorney and former White House Director of Legislative affairs.Each advocate will call experts to testify on behalf of their cases and will be allowed to cross-examine the other advocate's experts.


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