Approach + Smoov Confusion / Steddy P + DJ Mahf / Black Spade / Atilla the Beatsmith


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Lawrence has missed Sean Hunt, a.k.a. Approach, in these many months since he left for San Francisco. But our veteran hip-hop hero never seems to stray too far. Lately he's been holed up in KC recording (and taking his turn at producing) with the likes of Il Poetic and Stik Figa, among others. If catching up with his family and making new music weren't enough to keep him busy, 'Pro still helms Datura Records and continually collaborates with musicians in his new homebase and via the internets. His latest stay here is wrapping up, so don't miss this rare chance to get out and support the artist for whom a town ordinance shall be passed declaring our undying love, devotion and privilege to bear his firstborn children.


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