Tanner Walle / Andrew Morgan / Billy Wassung

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Former Lawrence resident/songwriter Tanner Walle returns to showcase new material from his upcoming EP-in-the-works, which he is recording in his apartment in Brooklyn, NY. Utilizing acoustic guitar, jazzy chord changes and funky drum breakdowns to craft radio-ready pop gems, Walle hopes to catch a break in the Big Apple while staying true to his Jayhawk roots.Andrew Morgan has spent the last several months at Mixtape SoundLab, wrapping up a slew of EPs and another full-length. His records are fantastical experiences that create their own little imaginative universes, a lot like Jean-Pierre Jeunet or Michel Gondry films. Elaborately arranged chamber music and whispery vocals collide with the sort of rainy-day pop music that The Zombies or Elliott Smith might conjure. Tonight he'll perform solo, accompanying himself with fingerpicking arrangements for acoustic guitar.Billy Wassung of Big Metal Rooster and Billy the Squirrel is stepping out of his jam-band shoes to release a solo album. Favoring soulful alt-folk tunes with mellow chord changes, the album was recorded at Mixtape Soundlabs with help from friends and collaborators Dash Williamson, Matt Miner, Nate Holt and Scott Welch. More concise and melodic than the loosey-goosey numbers his other bands are known for, "Is Me" marks an intentioned shift in Wassung's songwriting.


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