The Voodoo Organist / The Spook Lights

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The Voodoo Organist is an exotic and demonic hellbilly duo born from the kitschy one-man show of Scott Wexton. The current duo includes Wexton with his Hammond organ, bass pedals and Theremin accompanied by drummer and junk percussionist Robin Kennon. This two-man army of screamin' hellfire takes inspiration from vaudevillian masters like Tom Waits and Nick Cave, churning out a lights-low racket of junkyard jazz and organ-rock originals you're not likely to hear at the ballpark. Opener The Spook Lights are influenced by surf music and vintage punk acts like The Cramps. The foursome puts on one the most entertaining shows in town, thanks in part to frenetic singer Rob "Scary Manilow" Gillaspie (who also blogs here) and lead guitarist Kelly "Curvacia VaVoom" Nightengale.


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