Little Joy / The Dead Trees / Dri

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Little Joy began as an informal songwriting project between three friends: Fabrizio Moretti (drummer of The Strokes), Rodrigo Amarante (guitarist of Los Hermanos) and Binki Shapiro. Naming their band after a cocktail lounge in their nook of L.A., the three collaborators set to work cooking up an album that showcased each of their unique voices. While Fab contributes a few songs that wouldn't sound out of place on a Strokes LP, the group more often takes on the vibe of Nico's Velvet Underground or—on a more recent note—She & Him. There are also touches of calypso and the Tropicalia music native to Amarante's Brazil (he also played on Devendra Banhart's album "Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon"). If word keeps spreading about the group's handsome debut album, The Strokes may have to find a new drummer.Portland's The Dead Trees and Lawrence's Dri open.


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