Film screening: “Testimony: The Maria Guardado Story”


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"Testimony: the Maria Guardado Story" is an award-winning documentary about Maria Guardado, a Salvadoran activist who fled to Los Angeles after being kidnapped and tortured in 1980 as the war in El Salvador began. Because of her political activity, Guardado had been targeted by the Salvadoran death squads. She was tortured, raped, and left for dead in the street. Guardado reveals how she recovered from her personal horror and how she continues her life as a political activist and poet, injecting her survivor's perspective into Los Angeles' diverse and evolving progressive movement. In March of 2000, Maria returned to San Salvador to participate in the grand march commemorating the 20th anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero, whose stand for the people against military oppression cost him his life. Along the way she returns to her hometown of San Miguel to revisit and reflect on the past. (2001, 63 minutes, in English and Spanish with subtitles)Sponsored by KU's Center of Latin American Studies.


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