Film: “Robot Taekwon V”

preceded by a Gallery Talk with "Toy Stories" Curator Kris Ercums


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Toys will come to life at the Spencer Museum of Art on Thursday, November 20. Curator of Asian Art Kris Ercums will give a gallery talk about the exhibition Toy Stories: Souvenirs from Korean Childhood, followed by a screening of the Korean film Robot Taekwon V, with an introduction by Michael Baskett, associate professor of theatre and film.Ercums will speak about the significance of toys as cultural products and their influence in global pop culture. "Toys are much more than just for children," Ercums says. "They have deep meaning. They inform culture, history, gender, science and technology."Toy Stories, which includes more than 90 vibrantly colored Korean action figures, robots, miniature tanks, and paper dolls from the 1970s and '80s, will be on display in the recently renovated Asia Gallery II until January 24, 2009. Toy Stories was organized by The Korea Society, New York City.At 7 PM, following Ercums' talk, Associate Professor of Theatre and Film Michael Baskett will give a brief introduction to the film Robot Taekwon V in the museum auditorium. Robot Taekwon V was Korea's first full-length animated feature. Characters from the film, including the robot Taekwon V, are on display in the Toy Stories exhibition. Ercums says the film had significant influence on Korean culture. "It's like Star Wars," he says. "I was in a gallery in Korea and there was Taekwon V in a contemporary work. It's a significant part of pop culture."More about the movie: When an army of giant mecha (walking vehicles controlled by a pilot) attack, young martial-arts champion Kim Hoon must pilot Robot Taekwon V to defend the planet! Inspired by Mazinger Z, a Japanese anime popular in 1970s Korea, Robot Taekwon V was the country's first full-length animated feature and the first to be digitally restored. (1976, director Kim Cheong-gi, 79 minutes)


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