Heartless Bastards

with the Brody Buster Band

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If teenage girls were exposed to more Heartless Bastards on the radio, you can be damn sure that whole Avril Lavigne thing would blow over lickety split. The trio is one of the few rock bands on the blues-oriented Fat Possum label, thanks largely to the guttural impact of boomy-voiced singer Erika Wennerstrom. Her massive yawp broadsides unsuspecting audiences, but it's the band's fat hooks and no-frills garage rock that keep listeners tuned in. The Bastards' 2006 release "All This Time" built on the promise of 2005's "Stairs and Elevators" without changing the premise: archetypal, soulful rock songs delivered without a hint of pretense. Tonight, the trio de force will preview tracks from its forthcoming January release "The Mountain."
"All This Time," by Heartless Bastards
"Brazen" (live), by Heartless Bastards


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