What Makes a Monster? From Godzilla to Spore”

Spooner Hall


Event details

Are you afraid of monsters? The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences invites the community to attend this CLAS ACTS presentation, which examines what makes a creature monstrous, why we are drawn to beasts that scare us, and how monsters sometimes become our friends. Dr. Bill Tsutsui (professor of history) and Randi Hacker (Center for East Asian Studies) will use videos, create-your-own-monster stations, and a scavenger hunt to take the audience into the dark corners of humanity's psyche, where these creatures lurk! A great event for kids of all ages.For more information, contact Jessica Beeson at 864-1767 or eliasb@ku.edu. This event is the third of eight CLAS ACTS presentations, encompassing subjects from immigration policies to monsters and childhood obesity and more. All CLAS ACTS presentations take place on Sundays from 2 to 4 p.m.


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